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How to Choose a DJ

Thank you so much for stopping by Rock N Robin’s website. It is my hope that you will leave here a better informed consumer.

Some of you are probably asking how I will know that I am hiring the right person to DJ my event. To be honest it is like your parents said, “you’ll be known by the company you keep”. Rock N Robin has been aligned with the foremost associations within its industry. We have been proud members of GHAMMA – Greater Houston Area Mobile Music Association, BBB – Better Business Bureau, ADJA – American Disc Jockey Association, and NACE – National Association of Catering Executives.

All of those associations are great but the strongest evidence that you’ve picked the right company will probably be from professional and personal referrals. These are the backbone of any successful business and form the goodwill in which you are held by your community. They also form the basis for the word of mouth advertising that is probably the reason for you visiting this website. Our professional referrals are accessible on this site and I encourage you to go and check them out. Personal referrals are fortunately and unfortunately too numerous to include on this site and will only be provide by personal request.

We at Rock N Robin have an ongoing commitment to delivering quality entertainment services to our clients. Although we aren’t cheap we believe we offer an excellent service / value when compared to the rest of our industry. Part of that service / value is the personal approach we bring to each event. We want to meet face to face to plan your event and discuss any particular concerns you might have, so that when your event takes place all you have to do is show up. We know that in this day and age everyone is busy all the time so for your convenience we make ourselves available for appointments Monday through Thursday anytime and just about anywhere. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are reserved for actual events. Whether it’s a Wedding Reception or a Corporate Event be assured that we will give it our full attention and plan it down to the finest detail if that is what you require. We at Rock N Robin know that every event is an important one so give us the chance to exceed your entertainment expectations.

Your choice of Emcee and Musical Host for your event is extremely important. There are many horror stories of the lowest priced disc jockey company providing an inexperienced DJ, using sub-standard equipment, being a late arrival or worst yet, a NO SHOW .

Here are some tips to help you hire the RIGHT disc jockey entertainment for your celebration:

1. Plan ahead. Allow enough time to have a written contract well in advance of your event. A contract protects both parties!

2. Don’t wait to hire your entertainment last. Some DJ’s book up to 2 years in advance. If you wait, you may not be able to book the DJ you want or be able to find one to fit your event.

3. Make sure that you know the specific disc jockey that will be working at your event. Some companies promise you a Disc Jockey but even they don’t know who it will be until the date is imminent. If your event is on a busy date, you may get a Disc Jockey that ranks low on the company’s list or the company may subcontract the job out to some other Disc Jockey. Maybe even to a DJ that you’ve already decided was not the right DJ for you.

4. Ask for references for the specific DJ you are considering. Check the references!

5. Ask what type of guarantee they offer that the DJ you hire will not be switched at the last minute. Make sure their legal name appears on the contract.

6. Meet or talk with the specific Disc Jockey that you intend to hire. They should be able to offer suggestions on event itinerary, and song selection. Tell them what YOU expect and want to take place at your event.

7. Check the price. Make sure that there are no hidden costs to get what you expect. Some low quotes may not be for “prime nights” and may be for shortened hours. You also get what you pay for in this industry.

8. Do not assume. ASK!!

a. Most engagements should be quoted on a four hour basis.
b. Friday & Saturday are the prime nights of the week.
c. Lights may cost extra. Ask just what the light show consists of.
d. You should never pay extra for a DJ to be dressed in a tuxedo.

9. Speak personally to the Disc Jockey again on the week of your event to make sure all of your wishes are known. Some companies may ask for balance payment in advance. Make sure that you are comfortable with this arrangement and the company with which you are dealing.

10. If your reception hall refers you to only one DJ , ask for some additional references. You may be getting a reference on a DJ that is not doing the best job that the venue has seen but is in fact the DJ company that will give the venue the most money. Again, we suggest that you find out the name of the DJ that will appear at your event and find out about them. Some venues that claim to have a “house” DJ, in actuality, have hired a company to staff the DJ position and once more you may find yourself with a substandard and/or inexperienced person, low on the DJ list, that earns much less money to perform than you are paying to the venue for his services.